Avintia Racing MotoGP - Grand Prize of the Americas - RACE

Season has not been able to begin better for team Avintia Racing again today achieved the victory in the Open, in the circuit of the Americas category. Seemed that it was going to cost a little more, since the first day in water Héctor Barberá ended not being comfortable with the bike and dry, nor had all in Texas. But once more Sunday Hector has taken his talent to Avintia Racing a new victory; In addition this time fighting to the finish line with the Official Honda's Hiroshi Aoyama and more than 9 seconds ahead of the next Open, the Honda's Nicky Hayden.
For Mike Di Meglio things have not gone so well. The French rider's Avintia Racing has suffered two knockdowns during the race after leaving with a front tire that had not proven during workouts. But this has served to learn more and leave with more strength next week at the Grand Prix of Argentina.

Hector BARBERA #8 / 12 ° (1 ° Open) @HectorBarbera
I am very happy because we have again managed to be the first Open both Saturday and Sunday, and over here we have finished higher up. During all the week-end are us has been complicated, in water no I ended up going well, then we did some tests on dry and not... We are not at 100 percent and we are still the first Open, therefore, very happy. I believe that we have much room for improvement to give one more pinpoint. The weekend stressed that the team has been to the hundred and ten per cent and I might not have been as round as in Qatar. But our goal is to be the first Open and we got it. On the last lap I tried to pass to Aoyama, but didn't want to spoil it all, and I have not tried it.

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