The second test the MotoGP pre-season in 2014 that has taken place at the Sepang circuit IRTA has ended this Friday with one balance of more than positive for the team Avintia Racing. Despite high temperatures and that the track conditions were not the best (he has done that it is not arrived at the spectacular best records of the first test of three weeks ago in this same scenario), both Héctor Barberá and Mike di Meglio have shown a marked improvement, above all thanks to a new chassis premiered on the first day of workouts. This the first fruit of the tests that were doing in training that the team has carried out since he ended the world past, a technical novelty in this respect has been very well received by pilots.

Both Héctor Barberá and Mike di Meglio have improved their times in the previous test in Sepang in more than one second, a good sign considering the conditions of these days. In addition, Barbera has placed the Avintia at the level of the bikes Open Honda and Yamaha, a positive sign that a track has been found in the evolution of this prototype. The next and last training before the start of the World Cup will be held the coming week in Qatar, a test in which Avintia Racing pilots will receive new developments to continue with the development of the new bike.

8 - Hector Barbera:I'm happy. We have improved a lot with regard to the other bike. It is impossible to make comparisons with others, because you have to see how long are factories making chassis, or even a new computer as Suzuki. We have begun two or three months ago, and goes quite well. I wasn't expecting that we were to go so well. There is still much to improve, but we are on the line. We have taken a great change from the other bike. With her as fast as I shot was 2'03 "2, and we have now made 2'02" 1, but above all with more consistency. We still have some limitations; for example, with the front end even I can not go fast in curves, I lose a little bike front, the address closes. We have to continue working. Iran becoming more pieces. Labour is doing very well, and the technical team is very good. I am very confident that already in Qatar we can improve. At the moment we are not so far from the Honda Open, for example, so I hope that we can find that half a second that we need”.

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