After the great performance of Avintia Racing drivers in the qualifying, expectations for the Grand Prix of Spain were high. But the temperature rise compared to the previous days has prevented Hector Barbera fight for being above and finally crossed the finish line in tenth position. A positive result and that falls within the objectives of the pilot and the team, but who knows shortly after his great performance in free practice and timed workouts. Yet Avintia Racing driver leaves Jerez eighth in the standings to only 5 points of the fifth and remains the best Ducati after four races.

Héctor Barberá | Hector Barbera | P10 P10

“Ha sido una carrera muy complicada. "It was a very difficult race. El fin de semana había sido muy bueno y hemos trabajado muy bien, por eso éste décimo puesto nos sabe a poco. The weekend was very good and we worked very well, so we know this tenth little. Han cambiado mucho las condiciones de la pista para la carrera y desde la segunda vuelta he tenido muchos problemas con el control de tracción que iba actuando en exceso. They have greatly changed conditions for the race track and from the second lap I had many problems with traction control that was acting in excess. He probado todos los mapas, pero la moto cortaba hasta yendo inclinado y no conseguía salir fuerte de las curvas, con lo que en las frenadas no podía atacar. I've tried all the maps, but the bike was cutting up going tilted and could not come out strong curves, which under braking I could not attack. No he estado a gusto encima de la moto y he ido todo el rato peleándome con ella. I have not been comfortable on the bike and I went all the time fighting with her. Lo más positivo es que seguimos sumando puntos y, hoy yendo mal hemos terminado décimos. The most positive thing is that we keep adding points and today we going poorly finished tenth. Siendo honestos nuestra posición es del quinto al décimo, pero tenemos que volver atrás, porque en Argentina tocamos algo en la electrónica y está claro que no funciona.” Being honest is our position from fifth to tenth, but we have to go back, because in Argentina we touch something in the electronics and clearly does not work. "

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