14/06/15 Avintia Racing MotoGP Grand Premio de Catalunya RACE

After sending in workouts timed Héctor Barberá had many hopes for the race today at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona. The tuning of the bike was perfect and once its problems of compartment syndrome, the pilot of the Avintia Racing team had really wanted to do well in front of your audience. But from the first curve he has suffered with a technical problem that didn't allow him to stop the bike. After multiple track outputs the leader of the Open category has entered in boxes and, although he has been able to continue, their options had already vanished. The team is now analyzing all data so that the problem does not become a repeat.
Teammate Mike Di Meglio it has had today rather than celebrate, and is that the French pilot of the Avintia Racing team had joined its first points of the season after crossing the 14th goal. But even if a step has been made with the development of the bike, in the second part of the race I found very comfortable and hopes to be able to use the test that will take place tomorrow in Barcelona to reach the maximum to the next appointment in Assen.

Hector BARBERA #8 / 16 ° (7 ° Open) @HectorBarbera
Today I have gone really well, I have been able to advance several pilots and it was even ahead of Iannone arriving at the first curve, but when I went to stop the bike it is not slowed down and I have been forced to leave me straight. The next braking the same... I have tried to adjust the pressure of the handle, but in the end I had to stop. We have been able to solve the problem and follow, but I am very angry and frustrated yet because it has happened to me Redding when already it was bent and followed him very easy. I have cut gas and I have missed to Bradl and could also go with him easy, what could have been the first Open and with so many falls could have added many points. But so are races and we will try not to fail in the next.

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