Héctor Barberá bittersweet for the G. P. Malaysia, since it did not reward it could get. The reason was a drive through greeted by jumping the start and made him fall to the last position on lap four.

Bittersweet for Héctor Barberá in the Malaysia GP, since it did not reward that had been able to achieve. The reason was a drive through received by get ahead in exit and he did go down to the last position in the fourth round. After serving the penalty, Héctor maintained a rhythm as the best CRT and went up to the 10th fourth position that was worth to add two new points.

Héctor Barberá: "has been a real shame the mistake I've made in the output. A pity because in the warm up we had managed a set-up that I was comfortable and that could go fast. With the penalty I have descended to the last position but then I traced and I saw that he had pace to have made a good result. Stops running faster than the first CRT and, honestly, it has given me rage to not be there. "But the important thing is that the bike has gone quite well and that in five days we will again be on track."

The next GP will be raced on the circuit in Phillip Island, Australia, on 18, 19 and 20 October.

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