01/06/15 Avintia Racing MotoGP

After three races with discomfort in his right forearm, the pilot of the Avintia Racing team, Héctor Barberá, has come today Monday to the Hospital Universitario Chiron Dexeus in Barcelona where have confirmed their suspicions. In the morning there has been a Nuclear magnetic resonance of the right forearm in effort and has been confirmed a compartment syndrome with which this same late has been intervened by Dr. Xavier Mir. The operation lasted 70 minutes and using Microsurgical techniques of the right forearm flexor and extensor fascia have been released him. It has been necessary to both release the muscles which Flex the wrist and fingers as which extends them with a double surgical incision. The pilot of the Avintia Racing team will receive medical discharge within 24 hours and will begin rehabilitation in an approximately within one week.
The operation has been a success and if everything runs its course Héctor Barberá should I upload is back to his Ducati in the Grand Prix of Catalonia, although it is still doubt and only you will know if you're ready to return to action and defend his lead in the MotoGP World Championship Open category next week.

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