06/07/15 Avintia Racing MotoGP Grand prior award of Germany

The Avintia Racing team travels to Sachsenring in Germany to play the ninth test of the MotoGP World Championship this weekend. The 3.671 meters circuit is the smallest and slow calendar, also is especially critical with tires on his left band. Héctor Barberá reach the midpoint of the season leading the Open category after a great year, but after several races that have not accompanied the results, the Spanish pilot of 28 years wants to go on holiday making it clear why he is at the head of the classification from the first Grand Prix of the season.

Hector BARBERA #8 / @HectorBarbera
We are going to Germany, a grand prize which I love and which I've always been very fast. I'm physically very well prepared and very motivated after the last races in which circumstances beyond not we have achieved our objectives. But in the team we are all to 200 percent and that the objective will be to go on holiday with a cushion of points in the standings. After two races we have to forget, the third time lucky. And the important thing is that we have not suffered injury and I get very strong after training with my technical Jarno, who keeps me butt to me and the team.

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