Race complicated for Héctor Barberá in Australia

At this time and with this temperature we had not shot during the weekend, and in the race the bike seemed fully to which he piloted during workouts. In the warm up and yesterday the FP4 had rhythm 1 ' 30 media and my best lap in the race was 1' 31.0, we need to know why this has happened to make again to repeat. The output has not been good, but hoped to be able to go with my pace.

Barbera and Avintia Racing the fastest open at Phillip Island

I'm happy because once again we have fulfilled our objective, which is to be the first Open. I leave tomorrow 14º, and think it is a good position if we compare it with the 18 th we did in Japan. But the most important thing is that I have a good rhythm for the race and think we can fight for another win in our category. I'm in form, we have the sunset at the point determined tires and take two runs in which it seems that we are recovering the point that we had lost after Misano.