24/10/15 Avintia Racing Moto GP - Grand Prix of Malaysia - QP

Héctor Barberá and Avintia Racing have been the best category Open at the Grand Prix of Malaysia, and after passing directly to the Q2 after making a big return in 2' 00.332 that has placed him fifth this morning in the FP3, tomorrow will be tenth from the fourth line of the grid in Sepang. But Barbera not only has given a lap, the FP4 has worked to hone his Ducati Desmosedici GP14.1 after making a simulacrum of 15 laps tomorrow will go on the race with very clear ideas. The goal is to finish in the Top 10, because at the beginning the rhythm is good, when the yields of the tire starts to fall, electronics Open is not suitable as the official motorcycle. But even so, the result is excellent and the important thing will be the best in our category and most valuable points for the Championship.

Hector BARBERA #8 / 10th (Open P1) 2' 00.724 @HectorBarbera
It was a round day and I am very happy. This morning we finished fifth and it has been incredible. In the afternoon we have worked well on the FP4 for career and then timed no I've taken my best version, but in any case left tenth and have to take advantage of it. We are in form, the bike is on the site and I think that tomorrow we can do a good race. Do well and that pull me as much as possible can give me a good advantage when then lower the performance of the tyres. Our goal is still to win in Open, but it is clear that when you see the possibilities you want more. It will be a long, difficult and very physical, race but the team has done a great job and I'm butt.

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